EmpowerHer Pathways Series 3

Authentic Pathway

Living Authentically: The ultimate guide to being true to yourself beyond
people pleasing 

Sustaining Change in just 5 Days! Navigating Setbacks, Authentic
Living: Keeping Your Empowered, Resilient Self in Charge

Discover Your True Self: A Journey to Authenticity and Resilience
Transformative Connections: Engage in Series 3 ‚Äď Authentic Relationships, Your Journey to Building Successful Bonds through True Self-Expression.

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About the Masterclass

This dynamic 5-day masterclass is designed to jump-start your path to selfdiscovery and empowerment. You'll engage in intensive, practical exercises that challenge your existing beliefs and behaviors, equipping you with tools to overcome the fears of rejection and abandonment. Each session is crafted to help you build resilience and assert your needs effectively, paving the way for lasting self-confidence.

Key Benefits
  • Immediate tools for emotional resilience
  • Techniques to enhance self-esteem
  • Strategies to handle personal and professional rejection

Outcome: Participants will leave the masterclass feeling more capable, worthy, and prepared to face life's challenges with newfound confidence.

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About the Online Course
Living Authentically: The Ultimate Guide to Being True to Yourself Beyond People Pleasing

Description: Continue your transformation with our comprehensive 4-week course.

This in-depth program is structured to deepen the concepts introduced in the masterclass, guiding you through the intricacies of authentic living.

You will learn to set and maintain boundaries, communicate effectively, and foster genuine relationships that respect your newfound resilience and self-confidence.

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Module Overview

By the end of this course, you will have a robust toolkit to maintain your resilience, engage in healthy relationships, and feel intrinsically worthy and empowered.

Module 1:

Understanding and practicing authenticity in daily interactions.

Module 2:

Strategies for maintaining emotional balance and resilience.

Module 3:

Techniques for building and sustaining authentic relationships.

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 Course Sneak Peek

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Module Overviews

Module 1

True Self Journey: Embracing Authenticity and Self-Compassion

Objectives: To equip participants with the tools to understand and reshape their emotional and behavioral patterns, fostering a life of authenticity and self-compassion.

Lesson 1: "Navigating Emotions for True Alignment"

  • Understand how your emotional responses can guide you towards living authentically, aligning your actions with your true values.

Lesson 2: "Unveiling the Real Cost of People Pleasing" 

  • Delve into the impact of people-pleasing on relationships and self-worth, and discover how embracing authenticity transforms your life.

Lesson 3: "Mastering Positive Self-Talk"

  • Learn techniques to improve your internal dialogue, which is essential for nurturing a supportive mindset.

Lesson 4: "Cultivating Deep Self-Love"

  • Distinguish between selfishness and true self-love, learning to value and accept your needs and desires.


Module 2

Empowered Authenticity: Strengthening Resilience in Self and Relationships

Objective: To deepen the integration of resilience with authentic self-expression, enhancing personal and interpersonal dynamics.

Lesson 1: "Foundations of Resilient Authenticity"

  • Explore how resilience complements authentic living, identifying opportunities
    for personal growth.

Lesson 2: "Activating Resilience: Strategies for Authentic Living"

  • Apply resilience techniques to maintain your authenticity, even in challenging situations.

Lesson 3: "Deepening Connections: Authenticity in Relationships"

  • Foster genuine connections and communicate boundaries effectively, enhancing relational support.

Lesson 4: "Nurturing Resilient Self-Compassion"

  • Integrate self-compassion into your life, embracing imperfections and using setbacks as growth opportunities.

Lesson 5: "Designing Your Empowered Life"

  • Create a personalized plan to apply principles of resilience and authenticity in everyday life, ensuring sustained empowerment.

Key takeaways:

Module 1: Participants will leave with a strengthened sense of self-empowerment, equipped to build supportive networks and practice deep self-love.

Module 2: Learn strategies that foster resilience in everyday life and relationships, enhancing your ability to live authentically and communicate effectively.

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